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Results You Can Expect
  • As your coach I will assist, support, and encourage you to discover answers as I foster learning into the causes of your illness. 

  • I will notice and observe patterns, set a stage for new actions, and then work with you to put these new, more successful actions into place.

  • You will be empowered through knowledge creating a self-awareness that motivates you to implement identified changes to your lifestyle to reach your optimal health.

When you enrol in a Diabetes & Chronic Disease Care coaching program you will work closely with Karen to develop life-changing tools that you require to achieve your health goals.  These tools will help you navigate your journey to holistic health and wellness in a program that is personalised to your identified needs.  This toolkit will become your future success, as you continue to draw from it life-changing cues that keep you moving forward.

During your personal growth and healing you can achieve healthy lifestyle change that lasts, increased confidence, healthy eating habits based on the latest research, weight management, smoking cessation, increased energy, improved mental health, stress reduction, improved sleep patterns, decreased risk/management, and at times reversal of chronic disease, all resulting in increased life satisfaction.

My coaching sessions are designed to meet your needs and to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for.  At Diabetes & Chronic Disease Care I am ready to provide support and advice for any questions or special requests you may have, so feel free to give me a call.

My Coaching Services

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Single Sessions


Pay As  You Go



REGAIN Program



Effectiveness of plant-based diets in promoting well-being in the management of type 2 diabetes: a systematic review

The Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial (DiRECT): protocol for a cluster randomised trial
Association of an Intensive Lifestyle Intervention With Remission of Type 2 Diabetes
Reduction in the Incidence of Type 2 Diabetes with Lifestyle Intervention or Metformin


Curious to learn more?

Schedule a free 30-minute Discovery Session

Sometimes the journey to optimal health is as important as the outcome.
Together we can decide if coaching is the best option for you.

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