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Why Would You Need a
Health & Performance Coach?

There are many reasons why people seek the services of a health and performance coach.  Most often it is when their health is suffering in a particular area and they can't seem to find the right answer to resolve the presenting issue.  They may have tried numerous solutions in the past but have continued to fail at achieving their desired goal. I work nationally with individuals one-to-one and in a group setting.   

Catering to the Needs of Australians

At Diabetes & Chronic Disease Care we deliver our health services across the nation through Microsoft Teams, telephone, and face-to-face consultations.  We recognise on average, Australians living in rural and remote areas have higher levels of disease and poorer access to health care. Using modes of communication that reach all areas across our vast nation allows us to deliver personal and group coaching into the comfort of your home. ​

Coaching Speciality Area

At Diabetes & Chronic Disease Care We Specialise In Combining Two Areas of Coaching



Health & Performance

Lifestyle Medicine

Health & Performance Coaching

Health and performance coaching draws from the sciences of positive psychology, behaviour change theory, motivational interviewing, self-determination theory, emotional intelligence, transtheoretical model of change, appreciative inquiry, neuroscience, and lifestyle medicine, with the dynamic art of relationships, teamwork, and community.

Health and performance coaching is a client-centered approach that focuses on assisting you to elicit and clarify your values, gain insights into your lifestyle practices, and develop a deeper understanding of possibilities and pathways to the resolution of your health and performance challenges.  Whether this is personally or within a work environment the strategies implemented are the same. This is a journey of self-discovery that ultimately leads to setting goals, accepting a level of self-responsibility, and experiencing positive self-determination.  It is this self-awareness and knowledge that inspires and motivates you to bridge the gap between where you are now, and where you want to be.

I will empower you during your journey to optimal health by applying goal-based behavioural steps that enable you to succeed in your desired changes, leading to a higher level of health and well-being.  These goal-based behavioural steps are a journey of self-discovery as you master your health and wellness through your identified lifestyle changes...unlocking your potential to succeed.


Lifestyle Medicine Coaching

Health & Performance coaching teamed with Lifestyle Medicine brings evidence-based health and wellness into my coaching practice and, thereby, enhances your well-being.  I support you to engage in the practices of lifestyle medicine in order to achieve your optimal health.

What is Lifestyle Medicine?  It is an evidence-based therapeutic approach in the prevention, treatment, and oftentimes reversal of lifestyle-related chronic diseases.  It uses the fundamentals of medicine, environment, behaviour, and motivation to manage these illnesses.  This is achieved through client education, and guided implementation of healthy lifestyle practices in the areas of nutrition, physical activity, stress reduction, and behavioural modification, adequate rest, and the avoidance of environmental toxins, the use of tobacco and alcohol.

Lifestyle medicine will encourage you to adopt healthy behaviours that promote health and prevent disease.  Many believe that inherited factors are the primary determinants of health and longevity, however, health is largely dependent upon our lifestyle. While lifestyle medicine accepts that some diseases may have a genetic origin, 80% of chronic disease is lifestyle-related and can be managed through lifestyle change, positioning lifestyle medicine as exclusive in its ability to manage chronic disease. Genetics may load the gun but it is largely lifestyle that pulls the trigger. 

It is recognised that the leading cause of morbidity and mortality is lifestyle-related chronic diseases that can be prevented through lifestyle interventions.  Pre and type 2 diabetes are chronic diseases that are now at the top of the list in developed countries.  If lifestyle is increasing the risk of these diseases, it makes sense that lifestyle is the answer to remove this risk and repair the body.  It is about replacing the unhealthy lifestyle habits that increase the risk of disease with healthy lifestyle habits that aid in recovery and disease prevention. 

As a Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner, I focus my health and wellness interventions on the eight lifestyle principles that promote optimal health and increase remission of the disease. Using these principles, I will assist you to create your own personalised health plan that is responsive to your current health needs and sustainable to your future health prosperity.


The Wheel of Health Reform sets out the eight lifestyle principles you can implement to positively affect your physical, mental and emotional well-being. These lifestyle principles allow you to reach your own personal level of optimal health and abundant life setting in motion a healthier lifestyle from the ground up.

What my client’s value about using the Wheel of Health Reform is the control it gives them in the driver's seat of their wellness journey and helps them to stay focused on what is important.

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