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Single Coaching Session

Do You Have a Single Issue That Needs Discussing?

I am the solution for you!

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Investing in your diabetes & chronic disease
self-management care today,
can yield you a high return tomorrow

Single Session - Pay As You Go

  • A single 1.5 hour session

  • G = Goal

  • R = Reality 

  • O = Options 

  • W= What Next? 

Book your free - 30-minute 'Discovery Session'
to register for this session

1 Single Session Addressing

One Specific Issue


  • A single 1-hour session

  • NDIS Self & Plan Managed

  • Comprehensive Health & Wellness Assessment

  • Unlimited contact via email between sessions if rebooking

  • Guidance in creating your health vision and goals

  • Guidance in implementing action plans to achieve your goals

  • SMART goals to track your progress

  • Exploration of your motivation to implement behaviour change

  • Guidance in applying the necessary tools to remove barriers to change

  • Resources to support you in your health journey

  • Research-based information to increase your knowledge

  • Online workbook to record your progress

1 Single Session  - Rebook at your convenience


Book your free - 30-minute 'Discovery Session'
to register for this session

Single Catch-Up Session

After the completion of the

12-Week REGAIN program,

some clients feel they still

require guidance into the future.


My single 30-minute catch-up session allows you to book as often as you feel the need without entering into another 12-week coaching program.  You may like to catch up fortnightly or monthly just for the reassurance that helps prevent backsliding into old habits.

It's easy, just pay as you go!

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