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Diabetes & Chronic Disease Care

Karen Beauchamp

ph 0417 787 780

Diabetes Educator.   Registered Nurse.   Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner.   Health & Performance Coach
Health & Performance Coaching focuses on total body health and targets the root cause of illness so you can regain your physical and emotional health & wellbeing.

Investing in your Diabetes & Chronic Disease 

self-management care today,
can yield you a high return tomorrow
Healthy Lifestyle


Remission or prevention


Effective disease management


Gradual weight loss


Activity & exercise


Insulin sensitivity


Nutrition awareness
 Your  Optimal  Health 
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Karen Beauchamp

Owner & Founder 
Diabetes & Chronic Disease Care

Diabetes Educator Karen Beauchamp
So, Why Diabetes & Chronic Disease Care?

I get the results because I've lived the experience! As a Registered Nurse, Diabetes Educator, and Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner, I understand the disease process, I also understand that many lifestyle chronic diseases are reversible and also preventable.  In 2009 when I was first diagnosed with the incurable disease Multiple Sclerosis I challenged the status quo, and I went searching for answers to recover my health.  During my search, I discovered the importance of giving my body the right environment to recover.  By applying simple research-based health principles I managed to reverse my symptoms and remain medication-free.  I felt my recovery from these debilitating symptoms through lifestyle interventions were so important that I commenced further education in Lifestyle Medicine.  Today I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience with others through Diabetes and Chronic Disease Care, so you too can be empowered to find health and performance in a model that works.  Whether it is chronic disease prevention or remission that you are seeking, with Diabetes and Chronic Disease Care you can sit in the driver's seat as you journey toward your optimal health. 


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