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Meet Your Coach

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Karen Beauchamp

Your Health & Performance Coach

I have over 20 years of experience in the healthcare sector in numerous roles from nurse to senior facility management through to nurse educator. I have now consolidated my qualifications and experience under the role of health, wellness, and performance coach that specialises in pre and type II diabetes remission.

I realise there is a gap in the knowledge of disease prevention & remission that is not widely known.  If lifestyle is a risk factor for chronic disease it makes sense that lifestyle modifications will help in disease prevention and remission.

I bring a lifetime of experience from my previous roles, along with the application of Lifestyle Medicine used in my recovery from the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. 

I currently live in the Hunter Valley NSW, Australia and I continue to offer my coaching expertise across the nation via Microsoft Teams, Face-to-Face, or Telephone, in Individual or Group settings.



Registered Nurse - Bachelor of Nursing
Diabetes Education and Management - Graduate Certificate
Lifestyle Medicine - Graduate Certificate
Health Management - Graduate Certificate
Community Health Education - Certificate IV
Training and Assessment - Certificate IV
Wellness Coaching Australia - Level 3

Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace- Certificate

Foundations of Lifestyle Medicine Board Review - American College of Lifestyle Medicine

Quit Now! - 7 Steps to Freedom

Previous Training

My Journey from Illness to Wellness

  On Boxing Day 2009 I experienced my first symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis which led me to examine my current lifestyle.  This was when I realised that I had a lot of changes to make as my lifestyle, at this time, was not conducive to health. 


As a Registered Nurse, I worked permanent night-shift so my sleep was not ideal, and sunshine was something that kept me awake during the day, my water intake was mixed with tea leaves, exercise was something I didn’t have time for, and outdoors didn’t exist.  I was in a mess.  I contacted a friend who had previously recovered from her symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis and she directed me to research eight health principles.  It was after researching these principles that I commenced implementing lifestyle change in the hope of recovery.


Are lifestyle changes easy? I suppose that depends on one’s motivation.  I implemented these lifestyle changes immediately because I wanted recovery, the fear of relapse was always there in the background.  I found that forgiveness and emotional peace were very important in managing my disease. The only area of challenge that can pose a threat to my health today is not being able to successfully keep stress levels under control. I strongly believe without mastering this area symptom recovery is jeopardised.


Once all these health principles were implemented correctly into my lifestyle my symptoms started to reverse fifteen days later.  It took time for them to reverse and I still have slightly numb hands, but these principles gave me back my health.  All eight health principles are therefore important to achieve optimal health and disease remission.  They are all possible if we are prepared to give up our wants for our needs.  I have achieved recovery without the aid of medication from the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis and these eight health principles have become my new lifestyle...I allow my lifestyle to be my medicine.

My Recovery...13 years on

This short interview with Simon Ashley, CEO of ATUNE Health Centres, discusses my health in 2020.

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