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  • Assistant in Nursing - Cert III, TAFE

  • Bachelor in Nursing - University of Wollongong

  • Health Management Aged Care - Grad Cert, University New England; HR Management, Quality Management, Gerontology, Management Issues & Practices.

  • ACFI Appraiser - TAFE

  • Training & Assessment - Cert IV, First Choice 

  • Diabetes Education & Management - Grad Cert, University of Technology Sydney

  • Lifestyle Medicine - Grad Cert, Avondale University College

  • Wellness Coaching - Level 3, Wellness Coaching Australia

Qualifications & Experience (12).png
  • Deputy Director of Nursing

  • Residential Care Management Course - Aged and Community Services

  • Member of Commissioning Team in the Construction and Occupancy of two Facilities

  • OHS Consultant

  • Return to Work Coordination

  • Aged Care Accreditation Rescue Team

  • Assessing the Standards: Residential Aged Care Services

  • In Pursuit of the Sunbeam Household Model of Care

  • Nurse Educator

  • Care Plan Design

  • Dementia Care - Speak my Language, Best Practice, Leisure Activities

  • COVID 19 - Aged Care, Module 1-9

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