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So Let's Paint the Picture...

Poor staff performance carries long-lasting effects on the entire organisation.  Left unchecked this can negatively impact your bottom line.


Trying to juggle the daily pressures of managing a facility with the added burden of poor staff performance is taking its toll on your mental and physical health. 


Staff sick leave has increased primarily due to work related stress causing a lack of focus. This has started to effect productivity and at times resulted in injuries causing an increase in workers compensation cases. 

Staff just keep leaving, poor team dynamics, decreased morale and a lack of healthy communication aren’t helping the situation and you find yourself frustrated and anxious.  You can’t help but take these negative feelings home leading to a poor work life balance. You realise you need to work more efficiently and engage your workforce but where do you start to effectively turn this all around?

Workforce Reimagined.png

Your Workforce Reimagined by

d'Sozo Health & Performance Coaching

With an average return on investment for the organisation of approximately 3:1 health coaching simply makes sense for aged care facilities suffering from poor staff performance.  


The services I provide identify the unique areas of concern within your organisation, I then recommend a health package that will boost the performance, productivity, and efficiency of your staff.

Once implemented this package will promote employee wellness resulting in financial increase.  Your organisation will experience fewer sick days, reduced staff turnover and a reduction in workplace injury, stress, and burnout.

L i k e  T o  K n o w  M o r e?

Let's chat over a cuppa and I can show you how I can help improve

the health, productivity, and profitability of your organisation.

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